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Al JaberAli Global Supplies The annual output of the factory is 600,000 tons of stainless steel, the product specification is: thickness 2.0~ 12.7mm, width 800 ~ 1600mm roll weight Max30 tons. The construction of the second cold rolling product line was started on December , and completed and put into operation in March, .There are mainly two 20-roll sengiel mill (ZRM), one annealing pickling production line (CAPL), one set of steel coil preparation unit (CBL), one set of longitudinal shear unit (STL) and six sets of roller equipment . Coil packing (Coil packing) 1 set .The product specification of the factory is (0.3~5.0)* (1000~1600) mm. We introduced France DMS 20 - roll sendzimir mill ; CAPL equipment all from Germany, Holland and other European countries introduced . The laser welding machine of production line is used for the first time in China's stainless steel industry . Degrease equipment was installed to ensure multi-steel production . Online application of SPM and TL effectively reduced production cost . The back - sequence product is packed in full automatic steel coil. Our main products including stainless steel pipe ,stainless steel plate , stainless steel bar , stainless steel coil , stainless steel round bar , Stainless steel square tube ,stainless i-beam , stainless angle steel , stainless steel channel , Hastelloy alloy , etc . Our company has the most advanced production equipment which guarantee the most advantageous product quality . Based on highly quality products and best service , we have develop clients all round the world ,our products are widely used in industry in USA ,Germany ,India ,Iran , Dubai , Iraq , Vietnam , Ireland , Singapore&n bsp;,and so on .The specifications are complete and the price is favorable. Our company can order various non-standard specifications on behalf of customers. , special material steel products, can be delivered to your door, ordering quickly.
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