Used Mercury Racing M6 Complete Sterndrives

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2018 Mercury Racing M6 Complete Sterndrive

The legendary M6 sterndrive has racked up more national and world championships in the demanding arena of offshore racing than another other propulsion system.  The drive features a race-inspired twin pinion gear shaft design. Patented by Mercury for outboard racing back in the 1950s, the innovative design splits the torque load for a higher power capacity while maintaining a slim, surface piercing gearcase shape for maximum efficiency. Forged lower gears, designed to handle the higher toque loads while an innovative dry-sump lubrication system ensures maximum efficiency and power-output.

Specifications: Gear Ratio: 1.69:1, 1.53:1, 1.40:1, 1.30:1 Max Power Capacity: 1650 HP Input Torque Rating Of 1600 Ft. Lbs. Lower Unit Design: Dry Sump Drive & Transmission

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