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The Leica AT960 is the only tracker which is capable of 6DOF measurement using a wireless probe (T-Probe) and Flying Dot Laser Scanner (T-scan). The Leica T-Mac can also be used for Robotic applications such as robot calibration and high precision assembly.

This 960 Tracker includes the following;

  • AT960-LR Absolute Tracker
  • Absolute Tracker 960-LR with Absolute
  • Interferometer Distance range 60m and Probing range 20m.
  • The system consists of:
    • AT960-LR Absolute Tracker incl. transportation case
    • AT Controller
    • MPS21, Power Supply Unit
    • MCS11, Sensor Cable 1.5m
    • AT Quick Release Mount incl. Mandrel
    • MCA18, External Temperature Sensor 2m
    • Red-Ring Reflector (RRR) 1.5″
    • MSI26, Universal Stand Fixture
    • MAT33, Optical Cleaning Kit
    • Protective Sensor Cover MAS53,
  • Tripod Transportation Kit


All-in-one design

With all the equipment for measurement to a reflector, Leica T-Probe, Leica T-Scan or Leica T-Mac built in, the compact all-in-one unit is ultra-portable for easy transportation to measure anywhere.


Interrupted line of sight is automatically re-established in a +/-5 degree field of view with no user interaction required for ease of use and exceptional performance in even the most crowded measurement volumes.

Battery power

Independent hot-swap battery power supply allows a quick and easy cable-free setup in almost any location for better portability, offering a flexible solution that lasts up to a day’s shift – wherever the tracker is needed.


Built-in Wi-Fi enables simple setup and communication with the PC for truly wireless operations, also providing remote control options via laptops, tablets or smartphones so the tracker can be operated by a single user.


The IEC-certified sealed unit guarantees ingress protection against dust and other contaminants, enabling the tracker to measure effectively in even the harshest environments.


Integrated environmental unit monitors conditions including temperature, pressure and humidity to compensate for changes and ensure accurate measurements regardless of external factors.

Overview camera(OVC)

High-resolution colour OVC enables operators to remotely view the tracker’s field of vision, locating targets to measure to fixed reflectors – including multi-spot handling in a single image – ideal for static hidden point devices or to supplement documentation.

Orient to gravity (OTG)

The OTG function enables users to measure with the Z-axis aligned to gravity, ideal for levelling and alignment tasks such as build and inspect of tool and jig fixturing.

Absolute Interferometer (AIFM)

The AIFM single distancing unit combines the accuracy of an absolute distance meter and the speed of an interferometer to give readings quickly and accurately with no need for a home point.

1 kHz data output

Real-time architecture with dynamic performance gives a measurement rate of up to 1 000 points per second, enabling more detailed data capture, more quickly.

Integrated mini variozoom

With a constant field of view in any light conditions, mini variozoom provides 6DoF measurement capabilities for accurate probing, scanning and machine control applications.

*Leica Brochure


The Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 offers high-speed probing, scanning and machine control solutions as well as reflector measurements so inspections can be made using the most efficient method for the job, while intuitive controls save time in training and operations.

Automatic target lock

PowerLock provides intelligent targeting to automatically locate the reflector or probe for the easiest laser tracker operation yet. Now in its third generation, this patented active vision technology allows the AT960 to instantly re-establish an interrupted beam and continue the measurement with no user intervention. Effective within the maximum working range of the tracker, PowerLock leaves operators to simply measure.

High-speed dynamic measurement

The Leica Absolute Interferometer (AIFM) enables the AT960 to measure a moving target with the fastest speed possible. In combination with a true real-time operating system, the AIFM and PowerLock allow the AT960 to continue measuring with a maximum uncertainty of just 10 µm after beam interruption and deliver a data rate of 1 000 points per second.

Easy-to-use controls

The wireless AT960 with battery option takes the difficulty out of setup, while colour touch-screen controls enable operators to prepare the tracker without worrying about how to correct any problems. Proven Leica TrackerPilot check and compensation architecture means basic adjustments can be made in the field, while robust design guarantees on-specification operations with minimal calibration and servicing.

  • Year: 2017
  • Manufacturer: Leica Geosystems
  • Model: Leica 960-LR
  • Serial #: 751283

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