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Madagascar Grade A Vanilla Powder |Madagascar Black Bourbon Grade A Vanilla Powder | Awafi MIll

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  • Size: 14 cm to 17 cm
  • Moisture: 32% - 35>#/p###
  • Vanilin content: 1.5% - 2.2>#/p###
  • Type: natural fresh bean
  • Country of origin: Madagascar
  • Shelf-life: 2 years

 Birth of a Precious Spice


Amidst the sun-kissed landscapes of Madagascar, a remarkable transformation unfolds, giving rise to a culinary treasure like no other. It's the birth of a precious spice, a journey that begins with the care and dedication of skilled hands.

High in the vibrant vanilla plantations, Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Beans are carefully nurtured to perfection. From the moment they are delicately hand-pollinated to the time they are harvested at their prime, these vanilla beans thrive under the watchful eyes of local farmers who have honed their craft through generations.

As the beans are gathered, the sun casts its gentle warmth upon them, encouraging the release of rich and aromatic vanillin compounds. The vanilla pods are then expertly cured, undergoing a meticulous process that awakens their distinctive flavor and fragrance.

But the journey doesn't end there. Guided by time-honored wisdom, the cured beans embark on a new chapter, transformed into Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Powder. Through a delicate dance of grinding and refining, the beans release their essence, becoming a potent and versatile culinary enhancer.

With every sprinkle of this vanilla powder, kitchens around the world come alive with the soulful essence of Madagascar. From decadent desserts to savory masterpieces, the journey of this precious spice adds a symphony of flavors that elevates each dish to artistry.

It's a journey of passion, patience, and tradition – a journey that encompasses the very heart of Madagascar's rich soil, warm sun, and dedicated hands. As you embrace the magic of this precious spice, you partake in the culmination of centuries of knowledge, an exquisite gift that graces your creations with the essence of a distant land.

Experience the birth of a precious spice, and let the legacy of Madagascar's Grade A Vanilla Powder unfold within your culinary endeavors.










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