DL Series Transfer Printing Machine

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DL Series transfer printing machines are produced with fixed Ø200mm cylinder diameter and 2 different cylinder width options as 1300/1700mm. DL Series are used for roll to roll transfer printing applications. The speciality on the DL Series is it doesn’t require any air compressor to operate, DL series work with only electricity.

DL-13B200C | Ø200mm x 1300mmDL-17B200C | Ø200mm x 1700mm


  • Digital Paper Rolls to Rolls of Fabric


  • Film Laminating
  • Foil Printing


The drum is made of ST44 drawn steel pipe and all standard models are finished with surface grinding. On request the drum surface can also be plated with either chrome or Teflon. Inside the drum is one single heating unit that consists of three pieces. The drum is filled with transfer heating oil that fills up 60% of the inner volume. The failsafe-switch mechanism helps balance the inner pressure, and will deactivate the machine should there be any issues regarding the gasses generated by heated oil so to avoid injury or damage. The heat sensor is placed on the surface of the drum, this enables more accurate readings and provides better print results. Maximum Working Temperature and Temperature Restrictions can be easily adjusted via the Touch-Screen Panel.


100% Nomex industrial felt, which is reinforced with kevlar raw material and does not stretch under any circumstances, is used as felt in all of our machines. The life of the felt varies according to the usage, and the average life is between 1 and 3 years. There is an automatic felt centering system to prevent the felt from slipping to the right or left. The felt tensioning and centering system is pneumatic, and when the air does not come to the machine from the air compressor, the machine automatically slows down to protect the felt and the felt rotates forward for a certain time, then backwards and the machine cools down.


  • General control of the machine such as speed, temperature etc.
  • Metre Counter
  • Weekly Programming
  • Auto- Cooling System
  • Error Alerts
  • Controlling Machine Settings


Protection Paper

  • Input      : Pneumatic Brake System
  • Output   : Manually Adjusted Automatic Winding 

Digital Paper

  • Input      : Pneumatic Brake System
  • Output   : Manually Adjusted Automatic Winding 

Roll Fabric

  • Input      : Manually Adjusted Fabric Tension System
  • Output   : Potency Controlled Double Roll Rewind

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