Aikemei (Wuxi) Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

"ACME is a professional factory direct sell company of plate heat exchangers and spares. With decades of industrial equipment manufacturing and supply experience, we now engage in the new technology research, testing, promoting, manufacturing and sales of various types of plate heat exchanger, including gasketed, brazed and welded. ACME strive to provide global users with good quality made-in China products. With the recognition of growing users through our years of good product and service supply, ACME is one of the leading plate heat exchanger suppliers in China now. ACME是一家专业生产板式换热器及备件的厂家直销公司。凭借数十年的工业设备制造和供应经验,我们现在从事垫片式、钎焊式、焊接式等各类板式换热器的新技术研究、测试、推广、制造和销售。 ACME致力于为全球用户提供优质的中国制造产品。通过多年良好的产品和服务供应,ACME已成为中国领先的板式换热器供应商之一。"
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