3D automatic passenger counting system for bus Sistema de recuento de pasajeros

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HPC168 passenger counting system advantages:

1. One-click adjustment according to the environment.

2. Built-in image anti-shake algorithm, strong environment adaptability; 3. 3D technology, with 95% or higher accuracy rate.

4. All-in-one device (with built-in processor and wires).

5. More beautiful appearance, concealed wiring installation.

6. Easy to install, support 180° rotation, strong environment adaptability.

7. API/ Protocol (both http and RS485/232) available for integration.

8. High computing power based on latest chip.

9.Light weight to save 70% of your shipping cost.

10.Not affected by weather, luggage, shadows or light.




HPC168 Passenger Counter profile

HPC168 passenger counting system is widely applied in buses, coaches, metros and other public transportation tool passenger automatic counter application field. It possesses high-performance communication media processor with Hisilicon video purpose hardware acceleration engine. Adopted with main development dual-camera depth algorithm model, it conducts dynamic detection on cross-section, height and movement trajectory of the passenger target, and in turn, obtains comparatively high-precision real-time passenger flow data, providing RS45 or RS485 interface to conduct data interaction and sharing with third-party equipment, which is very convenient for data depth development.

HPC168 passenger counter depth camera can be adjusted from 0-180 degrees, to meet all passenger car environment installation requirements. The built-in wiring method enables perfect integration of HPC168 counter and bus environment.

HPC168 counter adopts integrated design which combines depth camera and calculation main control board, so as to minimize interference factors on camera image information to the lowest level, and possibly to the uttermost decrease construction wiring difficulty level. The one-button debugging mode can quickly complete environmental parameters collection required by HPC168 counter, with no assistance from other equipment terminals.

HPC168 counter provides rich data interface:

1. RJ45 network interface

Via RJ45 interface and HPC168 counter connection, client tool program views or sets working status and operates parameters. At the same time, HPC168 counter submits passenger flow data to the designated server in real time through RJ45 network interface.

2. Composite video output interface

Can be connected with vehicle-mounted display to visually display passenger counting results. Can also be connected with vehicle-mounted video recorder to save the passengers dynamic video of getting-on and getting-off in real time.

3. RS485 interface or RS232 interface

Provides one-way RS485 or RS232 for third-party equipment to conduct data calls, customizes baud rate and communication ID code.

4. Vehicle door switch signal

Can receive 8-36V voltage range vehicle door switch signal input. HPC168counter stops counting once vehicle door is closed, and automatically starts counting when vehicle door is opened.





Network interface

Video interface

Vehicle door switch

Communication interface






Main functions of HPC168 counter

  • Built-in image anti-shake algorithm, strong environment adaptability;
  • Algorithm correction function, adaptive lens angle, focus information, allowing a certain angle tilt with the horizontal direction;
  • Counting accuracy is not affected by passenger body form, clothing color, hair color, hat and scarf, etc.
  • Counting accuracy is not affected by passengers passing side by side, crossing passing, and blocking traffic;
  • Height limit can be set on target, passenger baggage error can be filtered;
  • With the status of the bus door switch as the trigger condition, it starts counting when door is opened, captures real time statistical data, and stops counting when door is closed;
  • Possess strong scalability and portability, can be installed according to the number of vehicle doors;
  • Unaffected by the season and weather, unaffected by figure shadows or shades, unaffected by external light, automatically activates infrared fill-in light at night to have the same recognition accuracy;
  • Easy to install, support 180°installation, strong environment adaptability.

For more advantages, please contact us for the documents of “Advantage of HPC168 passenger counting system”.

The HPC168 counter uses adjustment software to configure working parameters, debug or export backup data through the RJ45 network cable interface.

The adjustment software can display the current visual effects of the HPC168 counter, and it is very convenient to adjust the installation angle and target statistical range according to the image information. The client supports local recording to verify the automatic counting effect of the target.



Performance Indicators

Power supply


Voltage fluctuations of 15% allowed

Power consumption


Average power consumption


Operating Language


Operation interface

C/S operation configuration mode

Accuracy rate


External interface

RS485 interface

Custom baud rate and ID, multi-machine network supported

RS232 interface

Custom baud rate


Device debugging, http protocol transmission

Video output

PAL, NTSC system

Operating temperature


In well ventilated environment

Storage temperature


In well ventilated environment

Average failure-free time


More than 5,000 hours

Installation height


Environment Illuminance


0.001 lux (dark environment) ~ 100klux (outdoor direct sunlight), no fill-in light needed, accuracy rate not affected by environment illumination.


Earthquake resistance level

Meets national standard QC/T 413 "Basic technical conditions for automotive electrical equipment"



magnetic compatibility

Meets national standard QC/T 413 "Basic technical conditions for automotive electrical equipment"


Radiation protection

Meets EN 62471: 2008 “Photo-biological safety of lamps and lamp systems”

Degree of protection

Meets IP43 (completely dust-proof, anti-waterjet intrusion)

Heat dissipation

Passive structural heat dissipation




GPS software:If you want to integrate our HPC168 into your own management or transportation system, or take data from our HPC168 system, please contact us to ask for the protocol or API for integration.

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Main features

3D support:
HD support:


Video playback:

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