34-Channel 20V 10A Hybrid Electric Car TOYOTA/LEXUS/HONDA/NISSAN/FORD/PORSCHE Ni-MH/Lithium Battery Charge and Discharge Capacity Analyzer Tester

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HBT2010 series is a battery charge and discharge testing system composed of DSF2010 modules, The multi-channel isolation detection design can realize one-time charge and discharge testing, analysis and judgment of the batteries in the entire battery pack. The faulty battery can be accurately located and replaced without unpacking, restoring battery pack performance to normal levels. It is suitable for testing, maintenance and battery pack rebuilding of various types of lithium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-chromium batteries and lead-acid batteries. The device is integrated with Battery Temperature Monitoring System, work step switching and charging stop can be managed by setting temperature to ensure accurate and safe battery testing & maintenance with unattended. it is widely used in the detection and repair of traction batteries in electric vehicle maintenance and service industries, especially for the detection and maintenance of hybrid batteries composed of 4.8V/7.2V/9.6V/14.4V battery modules. Such as Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Ford, Porsche and other hybrid models.

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