PLC Rockwell Ethernet/IP Ethernet IO Module for Industrial automation

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BL193 Ethernet/IP Combined IO provides 26 IO board options, including digital input/output, analog input/output, thermocouple and resistance temperature detection, etc., which can be combined into more than 10,000 models to meet a variety of application scenarios, and you can select the I/O modules by physical interfaces, protocols, and I/O functions. The Ethernet/IP Ethernet IO Module passing 12 EMC/EMI tests ensures reliability under strong electromagnetic interference. Ordering Guides Users can select 1-3 Y series IO boards according to their needs, such as BL193 with 3 Y11 (8DI) can be composed of 24DI Ethernet/IP IO module, and also supports mix and match such as BL193 with Y11 (8DI), Y31 (4AI), Y52 (2PT) can be combined into 8DI + 4AI + 2PT Ethernet/IP IO Module

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