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How to Find Buyers for Your Products in Turkey

by Scoutstock

Are you ready to bring your business to the next level? It is the best time for you to start promoting your products and your business to many different customers from many countries. If you want to sell your products abroad, you may want to take a look at Turkey. This country offers a lot of interesting experiences for all sellers who want to promote and sell their products quickly.

There are a lot of potential customers who are coming from Turkey. This article is created to help you learn about how to find buyers for your products in Turkey. You are going to learn about how you can find the right Turkish importers who are ready to help you with your business growth.

a. Look at the market intelligence data providers

Before you choose the best buyers or importers in Turkey, you may want to take a look at the market intelligence data. This data will play an important role in the import and export business across the countries. There are many companies that are able to provide this data to customers. You can take a look at all available importers and their details, such as product description, Turkish importer name, reviews, HS code, etc.

b. Attend some local and abroad trade exhibitions

When you are ready to reach some potential buyers from Turkey, you can start attending some local and abroad trade exhibitions. Both government and also private agencies in Turkey usually organize some trade exhibitions both locally and abroad. At these events, you have a big chance to meet a lot of potential import-export companies from all around the world. Some of them may be ready to help you promote your products to some potential customers in Turkey. The more networks you have, the bigger your chance to start growing your business now.

c. Visit some Turkish embassies

Turkish has some embassies that are located in many different places in the world. An embassy will play a vital role in helping other countries with any subjects related to Turkey. You can contact them and ask them about how to sell products to Turkish people. THey will be ready to give you some contacts of the popular Turkish import companies that are available now. They will also provide you with some valuable details on the economic, bilateral trade, social, and other fields. Consulting with them is totally free, so you can save a lot of your money when visiting any of these embassies.

d. Chamber of Commerce and Trade Promotion Councils

This is another great source that you can use, especially when you want to find buyers for your products in Turkey. If you want to know some potential Turkish importers, you can take a look at the chamber of commerce, trade promotion councils, and also periodicals. The chamber of commerce in Turkey is an official organization located in Istanbul. They will provide a good platform for both importers and exports to start making connections among their businesses.

e. Register your business at ScoutStock

If you want to start selling your products from your office, you can register your business at ScoutStock. We have a good platform that is specially designed to help all of our clients promote their products to their customers. Our platform is pretty popular among our clients. This popularity can make you feel happy when promoting your products on our platform. We open great opportunities for you to experience an easy way to trade globally without any borders. With this opportunity, we are ready to help our partnered sellers to become successful business owners.

It is very easy for you to register your business on our website. The registration process is completely free for all sellers. All free account sellers are able to upload up to 10 different products with unlimited quotations. When your customers buy any items from your store, you will see a notification on the app. By looking at this notification, you will be able to serve your customers in a better and faster way. We have many different categories and classifications, so you can simply sell any items that you want to your potential customers from all around the world, including Turkey. 

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