LY938 Small Wheel Loader

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This is a kind of multi-functional construction machinery, wheel loader also has an irreplaceable position in the agricultural field. The 938 small wheel loader has a bucket capacity of 0.8m³, with 2Ton payload, which means it can meet the needs of a variety of tasks such as crop loading, feed handling, soil treatment, compost management and farm maintenance.

1. Crop loading and handling: Loaders can be used to load crops from fields or storage facilities to transport vehicles or storage areas. The 0.8m³ bucket capacity is sufficient to load and transport a variety of crops, such as grains, fruits, vegetables, etc. It can improve loading and unloading efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure the safety of crops during loading.

2. Feed and feed raw material handling: The 938 small wheel loader can be used to handle feed and feed raw materials, such as hay, feed particles, corn, etc. The bucket capacity is suitable for handling small and medium-sized feed handling tasks, allowing farmers to efficiently transport feed to livestock and poultry feeding areas to provide the food animals need.

3. Soil treatment and compost management: The loader's bucket can be used for handling and managing soil and compost. In agriculture, soil needs to be tilled, levelled and stacked, as well as compost treated and managed. The 938 small wheel loader's bucket capacity is suitable for small and medium-sized soil treatment and compost management tasks, providing easy operation and efficient land management.

4. Farm maintenance and cleaning: The 938 small wheel loader can remove weeds, dead wood and garbage from the farm and load it into a transport vehicle or bin, and the loader's bucket capacity is suitable for handling farm maintenance and cleanup, providing efficient cleaning and sorting.

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