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Guangzhou Fenhao Fragrance Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Fenhao Fragrance Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of fragrance and flavor in China. Our mission is to provide every individual with their own unique scent, and we accomplish this by offering a wide range of high-quality products.

We offer fragrances for daily chemical industrial products, food flavors, tobacco flavors, and natural essential oils. 

Our daily chemical fragrance covers all categories, including:

1. Perfume Fragrance

2. Candle Fragrance

3. Space Fragrace such as Reed Diffuser, Scent Diffuser Machine, Car Diffuser

4. Skin care fragrance such as shampoo, body lotion, hair conditioner, perming and any skin care products

5. Soap Fragrance

6. Laundry Detergent Fragrance such as Laundry Liquid, Scent Boost Beads, Laundry Pods, Laundry Powder, Fabric Softener, and etc.

7. Oral Care Fragrance for toothpaste, mouthwash and etc.

8. Pet Care Fragrance

9. And any other products that have a "scent".

Our food flavor covers:

1. Beverages

2. Baking

3. Salty, Savory, Seasoning

4. Sweet flavors

5. Flavor Powder

6. And any other flavors for food production

Founded in 2000, our factory occupies an area of 50 acres, with a building area of 110,000 square meters. We have professional independent sterile food production workshops and automated daily chemical production workshops. Our fragrance annual production capacity is 30,000 tons, with an annual stock inventory of 1,000 tons. 

We also have unique technologies such as fragrance without additives (cosmetic raw materials = fragrance materials), functional technology fragrances (odor removal technology, sleep fragrances, emotional fragrances, cool feeling technology), low allergen/ non-allergenic fragrances (no 26 allergens, targeted at sensitive skin), and long-lasting fragrances/ strengthening technology (microencapsulated fragrances).

Our company has offices located in Guangzhou, Shantou, Hangzhou, Yangzhou, and Shijiazhuang China. We host 3-4 new product seminars each year. We occupy around 70% of the mid-end and high-end fragrance market in China, and offer over 60,000 fragrance models. Our company serves over 4,000 clients and brands, including Vinda, Unilever, Carslan, and Bawang.

At Guangzhou Fenhao Fragrance Co., Ltd., we are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to our clients, and we are committed to continuing to be a leading manufacturer in the fragrance and flavor industry.

For more info, please contact our manager Mr. James Lin:

E-mail: james#gzfenhao.com

Moible/ WhatsApp: +86 13560185044

WeChat: zhan5044

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