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You can create a free account and use the site freely. You can pay only if you want to acquire additional benefits as a seller. There are 3 account types you can go for, Premium, Standard or Basic based on your needs.
When you create a Scoutstock account, it’s free of charge and you can access it at any given time.
From the menu above you select Join Free and then choose the account type you want to go for. You can choose to be a seller or buyer.
Go to the main menu, press Sign In and then you need to add the username and password. The process is designed to be very simple and intuitive, it will give you the assistance and help you need to access the account.
You need to go to the Spam section to see if you have it there. Or you can go to the Sign In menu and then you can re-send the email verification right away.
Go to the sign in menu, press Forgot Password and then you will be able to login back again if you want!
Contact us and let us know the deactivation reason, we will get back to you and let you know what we can do in order to solve the problem. We always strive to assist our customers and bring in the best solutions and results every time.
You can change all your company information after logging in. Click on 'Personal Information' in the left menu.

For Buyers

Buyers can create their account for free. Sellers can upgrade to one of the memberships we provide in order to access more benefits.
This is under the control of your supplier. It will depend based on the delivery method. It’s a good idea to talk with the supplier to ensure that you know exactly when everything is delivered.
Every supplier can choose to show VAT or not show VAT based on the matter at hand. Discretion is advised, and every supplier can choose to or not to show any VAT information as needed.
No, this is not a requirement. However, it might be mandatory in your country anyway, so that’s a requirement you really need to take into consideration as much as you can.
Every supplier is allowed to provide a specific order quantity based on his own needs. We recommend you to use the message center so you can talk with the supplier and then see if he agrees with the order you have in mind at this time.
You can use the dedicated message center to contact any seller or supplier, press Contact Supplier and you can start talking with them without any issues. It’s a seamless process and a fast one too.
Yes, Scoutstock offers you access to a recommendation engine that relies on machine learning. We recommend products based on previous purchases and your search interests. This way we know what kind of products you need and offer you recommendations accord
All you have to do is to rely on our filters or in-depth search. This helps bring in a very good experience since you have all the help you need to identify the product you need regardless of its niche.
We have a very comprehensive, dedicated communication system that’s fully integrated with the message center. This way you can easily get in touch with sellers via the website, it’s a one-click process.
If you just want to buy a product, all you need is to get in touch with the seller via the messaging system or you can use the contact info offered via the microsite. This will help you purchase any product you want without any restrictions. is here to help. Contact us directly and we will be getting back to you as soon as possible.

For Suppliers

Yes, the microsite is where you can access and also modify your company information. You are free to change the layout, theme and even contact details or your logo if you want. Everything is under your control.
Yes, you can do that, then you can upgrade to one of our membership options. This is not mandatory, but it will provide you with more exposure and an easier way to generate sales.
The first major benefit is that you can acquire access to a variety of suppliers all over the world. We are also working with innovative, high standard professionals all the time. Moreover, we help you boost your revenue margin.
No, you can easily create an account free of charge, be it for a buyer or a seller. One thing to note is that sellers can obtain specific features and benefits if they choose to upgrade to the premium account.
Yes, you just have to go to the account menu and choose the upgrade option that suits your needs the most. This will offer you a better value and experience, while still bringing in a tremendous value for money every time.
Yes, you can do that, you can pay with some of the most popular online payment options, EPS, Giropay, Apple Pay, credit card, Banccontact and many others. You can find a complete list of the supported payment options in the payment section..
No, you won’t need that, however some businesses will not be ok to work with sellers without a VAT registration, so that’s something to keep in mind.
Absolutely, we created a message center that’s within the platform and you can use this to get in touch with one another. You can also create your own microsite as a seller and buyers will be able to contact you that way if you want to.
We are always on the lookout for sellers that deliver something unique and different. We are a marketplace focused on innovation, and we always strive to bring in top of the line results.
We advertise products online and we use traditional marketing methods to bring in more natural traffic. In the end this will bring a very good user experience and outstanding results at the highest possible level every time.
We always promote brands and goods on our website. In order to do that, we are using the logos and pictures from the microsite. This promotion can give you more sales and it will allow you to boost your exposure in the online world.
You can add those to your microsite in any format you want. YouTube audio, certificates, images, photos, all of these are allowed on Scoutstock.
Yes, you can do that with our analytics tools. These will help you better understand what’s selling and what is not. You can also see what makes your listing more efficient, so you can apply that to some of your other listings if you want to.
We have dedicated SEO guides and comprehensive resources to help you find keywords and upgrade your search result ranking adequately.
We are always accessible via our website, you just let us know what you need and our team will be ready to assist as much as possible. Our commitment is to professionalism and attention to detail.

Disputes & Fraud

We don’t accept some goods either due to the local laws or their nature. Our terms and conditions page has a comprehensive list of what we don’t accept on our website. This will offer you all the information you need!
We are a middleman between companies and we help businesses come together. If there are any conflicts, they need to be resolved by the 2 parties, Scoutstock is not assuming any responsibility.
When you place an order, we have no responsibility and you are dealing directly with the seller. We do recommend buyers to use our dedicated escrow service that will keep your money in a third party account where no one is able to access it.
You can go to the Contact Us page and then you can send us an email if you want. We reply very fast, so you never have to worry about any problems that can arise.